About Us

Welcome to The Resource Wire, a service of Community Voice Summit.

The Resource Wire is a community-wide resource that delivers information and resources to individuals who are homeless or living with low-incomes, and the providers that serve them. We offer the Resource Wire in a variety of formats including this blog, email, Texting, Facebook, and Twitter.

Sign up here to have 1-3 resources delivered to your email inbox or cell phone every week about employment opportunities, social services, community events, free clinics, meal resources, and more! Or, if you’d rather seek the resources yourself, you can visit this blog, or find us on Facebook or Twitter.


Interested in learning more about Community Voice Summit? Contact us at:

(330) 315-1349

Or write or visit our offices at:
Info Line, Inc.
703 South Main Street, Suite 211
Akron, Ohio 44311

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I have called several numbers that were given to me where I could find a rehab treatment facility in Ohio using Medicaid it has to be a in-house where there is an a valuation done for mental health and heroin and alcohol every number that I was given has nothing to do with it or tells me now so I need somebody to reach out to me this is an emergency 419-775-7291

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