Winter Reconnect Order starting on October 19th will help ensure your heating stays on this winter


OCTOBER 19TH, 2015 – APRIL 15TH, 2016

Customers who have been disconnected or advised of disconnection
can make a one-time payment of $175 (or amount owed if less)
to restore electric or gas service or avoid disconnection

A maximum service reconnection fee of $36 will apply
and if fee is more than this, the balance may be billed the next month

This option can be used only once during the winter season, and a payment plan for any past-due amount must be established and maintained

New customers with no prior balance owed
can also establish service by paying a maximum of $175.
Any remaining security deposit required by the utility
may be billed the next month.


Call your Utility Company for more information
Call The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO)
(800) 686-PUCO (7826)
CALL 2-1-1


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